Thursday, June 18, 2009

Enthought and Other Developments

In the words of my Mentor, Pierre,
Enthought is a private company based in Austin, TX, founded by Eric Jones, a long-time Pythonista. Enthought's main source of revenue is the programming of specific scientific application.
Enthought recently had a client request a datetime type exactly like the type I've been working on. Enthought is a prominent contributer to NumPy. Travis Oliphant will be working on the new datetime dtype, himself. This is the guy who literally wrote the book on NumPy. And I get the privelage of assisting him.

This is really a godsend, since my knowledge of low level NumPy is quite sparse. This is the nature of open source, it would seem: collaboration between the ignorant and learning (me) and the experienced brilliance which created the foundations and core of these massive projects.

I've been commissioned to write two sets of code. The first set is to get and set datetime members of the narrays. The second will be incorporating the mxDateTime Parsing module for strings to datetime conversions.

More on those later.

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